Data sales is different.
We know it well.

Replace out of date spreadsheets and requests to the IT
team with a single pane of glass view into your data products.


Replace static data
dictionaries with live
web links.


Empower your customer-
facing teams who work
with datasets.


Say goodbye to email attachments and start sharing secure links.


Get alerts when your
schema or the underlying
data changes.

build a data business

Empower your data sales team.

Is your team answering the same questions over and over again from prospects? Give them the same view into the data as your engineers.

Syndetic connects directly to any S3 bucket, FTP server, or API and acts as the operating system for your data sales and relationship management team. They get up-to-the-minute insights into the data they're selling, and can share that insight with prospects as easily as sharing a Google doc.

grow your EXISTING data business

Data-as-a-service should mean data plus excellent service.

Discover the benefits of a self-serve platform where teams can answer their own questions about what's going on with the data at any moment. Support teams can field questions from customers without Engineering. Sales teams can prospect new customers without waiting on an analyst.

our mission

Help teams understand the value of their data.

An intuitive interface and features built for the way that data businesses run in the real world.

  • Dynamic data dictionaries
  • Data discovery and exploration
  • Automatically created samples
  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Prospecting tools
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A single platform rather than a tangle of spreadsheets and SQL queries.

Forget about complicated workflows involving spreadsheets, PDFs, and requests to the data team. In Syndetic, everything is one place - search across your data products, inside your data sets, and everywhere in between. All the tools you need to start, run, and grow your data business.

We love helping data companies grow.

It's like a "super data dictionary service"!

Super great idea. I've been talking to data scientist/eng in B2B SaaS space on how we should bring best practices like that to the Sales/Marketing/bizops world too.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I've been at multiple organizations where there have been efforts to create these "data dictionaries" explaining the meaning of the data, especially when the schemas or APIs are not well designed.But then manually writing documentation is obviously tedious and can typically only be written by the data team that knows the underlying data well, which is not always the best use of their time.

You guys clearly understand our data problems!

I love how you guys are helping build data businesses!

This is really, really, really interesting.

This addresses a bunch of major pain points for us.

If I answered the same question from a customer in the past week, I give them the same answer. If not, I'm helpless.

As more and more tech companies realize they are actually data companies, this is only going to become more and more needed.

Makes a ton of sense to me, I really wish the datasets that I work with had this or some kind of equivalent.

I think if all data providers had something like this, my job would be a lot easier.

This is so much more streamlined than what we were doing before.

Companies spend a lot of time and money on this problem.

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