Build a data business.
No matter what business you're in.

Start, run, and grow your data business with
Syndetic's all-in-one platform.


Replace long emails and phone calls with e-commerce.


Make your dataset
look and feel like a
real product.


Securely deliver data directly to your customers without setup.


Learn what pieces
of your data your customers really want.

build a data business

Data businesses are different - we get how they work.

Syndetic helps you build a data business using the data you already have, without needing to change your tech stack.

Companies across every vertical use Syndetic to monetize data they generate or acquire as a function of running their core business.

grow your EXISTING data business

Create true sales channels for your data business

Capture revenue from customers turned off by lengthy sales cycles and heavyweight workflows involving sales and engineering.

Sell data with per row pricing on a one-time or subscription basis. Send free samples, custom slices, and discount codes. Run reports to learn what value customers find in your data, and to price your data correctly.

why is data different?

Help buyers understand the value of your data.

An intuitive interface and features built for the way that data businesses run in the real world.

  • Online store
  • Unlimited products
  • Built-in data dictionaries and marketing collateral
  • Order management
  • Lead Gen
  • Payments
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A single platform rather than a tangle of spreadsheets, email and FTP servers.

Forget about complicated workflows involving spreadsheets, PDFs, and requests to the IT team. In Syndetic, everything is one place - create data products, set pricing, customize your brand look, and start delivering data to customers in less than one day. No engineering required.

We love helping data companies grow.

I love that you're democratizing access to datasets!

Super great idea. I've been talking to data scientist/eng in B2B SaaS space on how we should bring best practices like that to the Sales/Marketing world too.

There's no clean and common way to showcase the data that we have.

People don't understand how valuable our data is. You helped us figure out how to price it correctly!

I love how you guys are helping build data businesses!

We know our data is valuable but we don't know what to do with it.

This addresses a bunch of major pain points for us.

This is a market that's in real need of value-add intermediaries.

As more and more tech companies realize they are actually data companies, this is only going to become more and more needed.

Makes a ton of sense to me, I really wish the datasets that I work with had this or some kind of equivalent.

I think if all data providers had something like this, my job would be a lot easier.

People keep asking to buy our data but we have no idea how to sell it.

I think you can save us a ton of money in sales costs.

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